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Here we go

This is the first entry. I am the moderator/founder of Honi Soit. This is a community where we rate people based on books, music, movies. Then, depending on who is accepted, we can discuss new books, movies, music.

Applications should go behind an lj cut and should look like this:

Name: Peter
Age: Ask your mother
Location: The Great Lakes State
Nickname: Petey Pete

Top 20 Artists
Velvet Underground
Miles Davis
Talib Kweli
Lou Reed
Sufjan Stevens
Elliott Smith
Badly Drawn Boy
David Bowie
Bad Brains
A Tribe Called Quest
David Byrne
Mos Def
Bob Dylan
David Dondero
Iggy and the Stooges
Polyphonic Spree

Top 3 albums(why)
Lou Reed- Street Hassle: Lou Reed has the beuty of vomit and the elegance of a sledgehammer.
The Velvet Underground- White Light/ White Heat: see above but multiply times 4 because John Cale is involved with the great Sterling Morrison on guitar and hot Moe Tucker provifding the primal beats.
Sufjan Stevens- Greetings From Michigan, The Great Lakes State: The opposite of Lou Reed. He could make anything beautiful.

Top 5 movies
Life Aquatic
21 Grams
Royal Tenenbaums
Chelsea Girls
Broken Wings

Top 5 Books
A Clockwork Orange
Atlas Shrugged
Enders Game

Tell us about yourself: I am the mod. I kick ass.


Then, if we like you, we will accpept you. Members of the community vote. You will be accepted if at least 51% of the voters vote yes.

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