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We rate you based on your books, movies, and music

Let's Talk Books, Movies, Music
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We rate you based on your favorite books, movies, and music.

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2001: a space oddysey, 21 grams, a clockwork orange, a tribe called quest, abbey road, about a boy, almost famous, andy warhol, arrested development, at the drive in, badly drawn boy, basquiat, ben wallace, bike gang knife fight, bill murray, billy yule, bob dylan, bob marley, bottle rocket, broken wings, carlos guillen, cat stevens, catcher in the rye, coheed and cambria, cyo, cyo camp, david bowie, detroit, detroit lions, detroit pistons, detroit red wings, detroit tigers, dia, doug yule, dr. strangelove, edward scissorhands, elliot smith, emo, espn, eternal sunshine, family guy, final fantsay, flavor flav, franz ferdinand, frou frou, garden state, girls, harold and maude, heroin, high fidelity, i heart huckabees, igby goes down, interpol, ipod, j.d. salinger, jackson browne, jeff buckley, jim jarmusch, john cale, john kerry, john lennon, kanye west, kenna, kerry-edwards, kunta kinte, kurt vonnegut, lost in translation, lou reed, luke wilson, magnolia, michael moore, modest mouse, moe tucker, morrisey, mos def, n.e.r.d., natalie portman, nick cave, nick drake, nico, owen wilson, p.t. anderson, patti smith, public enemy, punch drunk love, rage against the machine, rasheed wallace, regina girls, res, rez, roots, rushmore, saul williams, saved, scarlett johansen, scrubs, sega, shoeless joe, sigur ros, slap shot, smokey robinson, sofia coppola, stanley kubrik, sterling morrison, talib kweli, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the beatles, the clash, the cure, the decks, the distillers, the life aquatic, the mighty mighty bostones, the neptunes, the polyphonic spree, the postal service, the rolling stones, the roots, the royal tenenbaums, the shins, the smiths, the velvet underground, the von bondies, the white stripes, the yeah yeah yeahs, the yellow room, throwback jerseys, trainspoting, weezer, welcome to the dollhouse, wes anderson, wet hot american summer, zach braff