Cory Ink (use_your_head) wrote in honi_soit,
Cory Ink


name: cory
age: 27
location: texas
nickname: nasty dog – long story (without my expressed written consent.)
they just kind of sneak up on you.

top 20 artists:
trail of dead
the shins
riddle of steel
brant bjork
the doors
monster magnet
man or astro man?
queens of the stoneage
the big timers
neil young
the mars volta
the faint
at the drive in
the cure
atomic bitchwax

top 3 albums(why):
man or astro man? – a spectrum of infinite scale
with a mix of science fiction and surfer music man or astro man?
has out done themselves with this fall into the digital wave.
brant bjork – keep your cool
something to think about.
monster magnet – superjudge
this album saved my life

top 5 movies: This was REALLY hard for me.
the professional (not the specialist)
the life aquatic
fear and loathing in las vegas
up the creek
bringing out the dead

top 5 books:
me talk pretty soon -
everville – clive barker
cat’s cradle – kurt vonnegut
chromos – felipe alfau

tell us about yourself: i am a comic book inker and I like to eat glue.
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